Welcome to City Test Prep’s Learning Style Evaluation!

Research shows people prefer to learn, process, and retain new information through different ways. The four main methods of learning are: seeing, hearing, reading/writing, or doing. So, what type of learner are you? By knowing your preferences in the way you take in and work with information, you can create a study-strategy that maximizes the time you put in and yields the best results.

Mark the answer that best indicates how you’d likely respond. You can mark more than one answer.

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1. You just got a new smart phone or tech gadget. To get started with it, you
Read the manual cover to cover
Call a friend or colleague and have them explain to you how to use it
Play around with it, thinking, “How hard could this be?”
Look for a step-by-step video or diagram online to show you

2. You’re finally on your dream vacation, a place you’ve wanted to visit for a long time. While you know the history and culture, you’re unfamiliar with the terrain, the distances between places, and the layout of the towns you’re visiting and you don’t have a GPS. Time is limited. Touring around in your rental car to visit sites do you:
Use a published map that you keep stashed in your backpack
Read and follow directions in a guidebook
Ask the locals for directions
Drive around and to explore by yourself

3. You and a friend are going to cook a complicated recipe for the first time. Do you:
Google then read the recipe directions yourself
Have your friend read the directions out loud to you
Create the dish based on the ingredients you believe to be in there, noticing texture, color, and taste as you go along.
Use a visual how-to guide or a YouTube video that demonstrates the steps to create your dish

4. You go to a restaurant where the food was not only cold but under cooked …and that was just the beginning. Do you:
Leave in a huff, vowing never to step foot in there again
Complain to the server by pointing to each dish as if they were exhibits in a trial
Send a letter or email to management or post a review on Yelp
Complain to your friends then give an earful to management over the phone

5. You are buying a new vacuum. Do you:

Go to the store to test drive some options
Look on line for professional and/or actual consumer reviews
Ask the sales rep to explain the various models
Pick the one that looks the sleekest

6. You’ve just heard a great long quote that you are positive will come in handy. To remember it, do you:
Write it out multiple times
Say it out loud over and over
Rehearse acting it out
Create diagrams and sketches, almost like animated graphic descriptions, to help understand the flow of it

7. You’re inspired to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone else (i.e. Surprise party, Engagement, etc.) would you prefer to:
Read a book or DIY how to article for directions
Look at pictures online that other people posted to see how they did it
Talk to someone who has prepared something like this
Head over to your local craft store and see what inspires you

8. Your friend just gave you the most amazing gift and you’re touched and overwhelmed. You:
Send him or her an email or write a thank you note
Call the person to thank them
Purchase flowers or buy a drink the next time you get together
Design a special card and send it to him or her

9. You just returned from the tropical jungle to find a strange bump on your arm. Do you:
Read up your symptoms on webMD to find out what it might be and ways to deal with it.
Go talk to a doctor
Diagnose it yourself and treat it based on your instincts
Search online for pictures of “skin bumps” to determine what you may have

10. You’re feeling stressed and anxious about your upcoming exam. To reduce your anxiety, do you:
Purchase a self-help book about how to get over the anxiety
Sign up for an exercise, meditation, or yoga class
Go to an art museum or movie
Sit back or lie down and listen to calm, relaxing music