The best way to activate your whole self and awaken your full potential—heart, mind, and body—so that you will achieve your best score–—is to get into the mindset of a doctor, scientist and top-notch athlete. In other words, it’s not enough to study the content and strategy that the test calls for, you must embody what we call, Full Potential principles, which are well established techniques in the health, psychological, and sports psychology fields. Interestingly, they are cutting edge in the field of education.

We have found that test takers who applied a combination of new learning techniques performed significantly higher than those who did not. As such, as a company, we began designing our Full Potential method, a system that integrates human-potential tools such as neuro-linguistic programming  hypnosis, meditation, guided visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique, Gamma Brain Waves, common-sense wellness practices, and much more to help you create the strategy you need to succeed.

The Full Potential method starts with the recognition that all the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you can’t access it easily and quickly while taking a test. This simple insight creates a profound shift in priorities from narrowly focusing only on content—what the test taker needs to know—to also addressing how the test taker will be able to access and utilize this knowledge during the test. The ‘how’ on the MCAT (and other standardized tests) involves more than just regurgitating information. Those who succeed usually draw on different facul­ties, from intuitive judgment to critical thinking to psychological ‘buy in.’ In other words, suc­cessful test takers draw on their whole self.

Enlisting methods to help you identify behaviors that don’t serve the mission at hand: feelings of resistance, avoidance, and insecurity; and provide solutions for the symptoms of test anxiety and stress are tantamount. As you shift your belief and behavior patterns to train your mind to reach its opti­mal test taking state, at your will, you’ll begin to experience benefits beyond the test as well. Whether your test anxiety symptoms manifest as acute or chronic, these practices are solutions to give you peace of mind. And they have no expiration date; you can use them again and again in other situations where you don’t feel your best self. These full potential techniques are for your whole life; not just those hours studying or taking tests. At their core, the techniques introduced here are all designed to help you believe in yourself, and then ensure that everything else in your life co-conspires for your success.