Full Potential Mindfulness Therapy

Alleviate anxiety, increase focus, and build confidence.

Our Full Potential Audio Series helps boost cognitive performance with a unique combination
soundwave technology and guided mental exercises.

The Complete Study Enhancement For Your Ears

Your brain has two attention systems — one that’s conscious and directable and one that’s unconscious and hard to control. When the task at hand seems dull or difficult, your unconscious can pull your mind elsewhere.

That’s where The Full Potential Audio comes in.

Full Potential helps you regain control of your mind so you can perform your best. The original audio series engages your unconscious in mood-enhancing soundscapes while guiding your conscious through scientifically-based mindfulness practices. Results include increased focus and better mood while you study and on exam day.

Each section includes:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: improves outlook through posture and breathing.

Guided Visualization: drives peak mental performance through positive imaging.

Binaural Beat Technology: nurtures internal calm while increasing alertness through soundwave therapy.