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Attending college opens doors to learning about yourself, others, and the world we share. It also is a time of networking and exploring career opportunities; plus, for many, it the most fun, rewarding, and formative/transformative time you will have in your young life!
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A prerequisite of acceptance to a top undergraduate college or university is taking, and excelling, on the ACT or SAT. While the SAT remains the most commonly accepted standardized test for admission to undergraduate studies at universities and colleges in the United States, the ACT has gainined significant popularity. Having a high SAT or ACT test score gives you a distinct advantage and helps you gain admittance to the schools you’ve chosen.

At City Test Prep, we provide individualized comprehensive ACT test prep in person in select cities and remotely, live and one-to-one, via online conferencing. Our tutors have excellent ACT scores in the top percentile, and are experienced in teaching. Your tutor will ensure that you comprehend subject material, master essential test-taking skills, and are prepared to do your best on your ACT exam. In addition, we will help you build your confidence, develop an optimal mindset, and gain the inner tools to help you excel when it counts the most.

What is the ACT?

The ACT is a multiple-choice standardized test, administered by ACT, Inc. and used for admission to colleges and universities in the United States. The ACT is considered a viable alternative to the SAT (link to page) and it has gained popularity in recent years since the SAT has undergone changes (to be ‘more’ like the ACT, actually). It’s typically thought to be less ‘tricky’ than the SAT.

The ACT is based on knowledge gained in high school. The ACT and SAT measure the test taker’s readiness for college, and provide colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants. It differs from the SAT in testing science (which is not actually ‘real’ science, but more about being able to work with data), in addition to testing things a little differently in the English and math sections.

A high ACT or SAT test score will give you a distinct advantage and can help you gain admittance to your chosen schools. At City Test Prep, we assist you in your ACT test prep through comprehensive, one-to-one tutoring that is tailored to your specific needs, including your score goals, study habits, stress levels, reading speed, and schedule.

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“The tutors are more than qualified: they provide great tips on how to handle the test (more broadly than just strategies for specific problems.”

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“We are to students what sports psychologists and trainers are to high performing athletes.”

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Our Approach at City Test Prep

Doing your best on a standardized test requires knowledge of the subject, responding to what the test expects of you, and confidence in your own ability to take the exam under time pressure at the test center. Our approach is four-fold: comprehensive mastery of the content, implementation of practical strategies to most easily answer in a way that the test rewards, improved time management, and mindful test-taking techniques to help you stay present, feel confident, focused, and confident while taking the test. Our students develop inner tools through mindful test-taking that guarantee their success.

Reduce Test Anxiety, Think Clearly, and Perform at Your Best on the ACT

Test taking often invokes anxiety and even panic in students because of the pressure to perform their best, when it counts the most. At City Test Prep, we aim to minimize your test anxiety through practical tips and training that we provide to help you concentrate, retain and recall information more easily, and to relax and think clearly and calmly during your test for optimal performance. We use specific mindful test-taking techniques, which draw from holistic and mindful modalities. These mental enhancement techniques optimize your test-taking potential. 

Our Tutors

Successful tutoring requires academic abilities, empathy, and the ability to communicate effectively. Our tutors are experienced and have earned top scores on the ACT (and all subjects they teach.) They are passionate about mentoring, patient with students, and work carefully and conscientiously to help each individual achieve his or her best.

We provide live tutoring to students worldwide through online conferencing and teach in select cities as well. Learn more about City Test Prep [link to about page]

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Should I take the ACT or the SAT?

Wondering which standardized test to take? The SAT or the ACT? This is a common question among high school students before they apply to college. Choosing the standardized test that you take is very important and should be considered carefully. Bottom line: select the exam that is best suited to your strengths.

Some key differences include:
– The SAT assesses reasoning ability while the ACT primarily measures knowledge.

  • While both the SAT and ACT have a math section that requires a strong knowledge of geometry and algebra, the SAT includes “word” questions which ask you to demonstrate a creative understanding and application of geometry rules. The ACT is more knowledge-based and simpler. The ACT also includes basic trigonometry in the math section.
  • The SAT places more value on reading comprehension and vocabulary than the ACT, which looks primarily at grammar and syntax.
  • The ACT has a section on science does not look like anything you’ve seen in any science class you’ve ever taken in high school. The ACT requires understanding and interpreting science-based passages presented with graphs, charts, tables, and research summaries, and answering questions based on these. Most of the questions can be answered from the information presented in the passages or figures, but you should be prepared for 3-4 questions that require outside knowledge. You should be able to:
  • Identify data and trends
  • Make predictions
  • Synthesize information
  • There is no science section on the SAT.

A simple and effective way to decide whether you should take the ACT or the SAT is to take practice exams for both under timed conditions, and evaluate how you feel and how you perform on each one.

Once you complete both diagnostic tests, compare your percentile scores. Most schools will accept both tests, so look up the schools you are applying to, and what scores are within the range of acceptance. Ultimately, choose the standardized test that demonstrates your strengths best and in which you feel the best when taking.

More on the ACT [would be great if this clicks to open]
The ACT measures the knowledge, understanding, and skills in four areas – English, mathematics, reading, and science. The ACT is a multiple-choice exam. You can also opt to take the writing test after you have completed the four sections.

ACT Format and Timing
The ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes long. If you choose to take the ACT with the optional essay, the test will be 3 hours and 35 minutes long.

English: 45 min
This section measures your ability to comprehend English standard conventions, writing, and language.

Mathematics: 60 min
This section measures your knowledge in math and your ability to use reasoning skills to solve practical problems.

Reading: 35 min
This section measures your reading comprehension and analysis of texts similar to what you would encounter in a first-year college course.

Science: 35 min
This section measures your skills in interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving.

The ACT also includes an optional 40-minute Writing Test. Some colleges may require that you complete this.

Writing: 40 min (optional)
This section is optional and does not affect your composite score. This consists of an essay test that measures your writing skills.

ACT Registration

View ACT test dates, and download ACT test questions and a free study guide here. See Test Centers and ACT test dates and register here.

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We can help you mentally and emotionally prepare for your ACT exam: master core content, learn test-taking strategy, and take your test relaxed and confident. We are ready to assist you in any area you need guidance, teaching, or support. Be prepared and you will perform at your best!

“I contacted City Test Prep after studying with three larger test-prep programs and taking my test three times with continued disappointing results. After only four hours of City Test Prep’s Full Potential® method, I gained confidence, learned to channel my energy and mental state into a positive zone, eliminated anxiety, and was completely relaxed and prepared on test day. Most important, my score increased by 80 points! I highly recommend City Test Prep to anyone who really wants to reach their potential and get the score they need.”

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We continue to offer remote tutoring and test preparation sessions while schools are closed. Our 'virtual babysitting' supports parents and their children with extra support, including SAT/ACT/SSAT/Regents/AP tutoring, middle and high school subject areas as well as support for college coursework. We can teach individually or in small groups. Speed reading workshops and test anxiety/stress management coaching are also available.