Tests don’t only measure what you know, they also measure how well you take tests. Resources found here include reading speed tests, learning style assessments, and audio guides to ally test anxiety, provide insight and tools to help you perform your best when it counts the most.

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Our test experts and coaches are available to help you determine the kind of preparation you need to score your best on your upcoming test . Whether you need an overhaul, require a soup-to-nuts support plan, or just some simple fine tuning, we’ll create a customized action plan with a top professional to improve your performance and score to meet your goals.


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COVID-19 Update

We continue to offer remote tutoring and test preparation sessions while schools are closed. Our 'virtual babysitting' supports parents and their children with extra support, including SAT/ACT/SSAT/Regents/AP tutoring, middle and high school subject areas as well as support for college coursework. We can teach individually or in small groups. Speed reading workshops and test anxiety/stress management coaching are also available.