MindFlow Workshop 

Mindful Speed Reading for High Stakes Tests and improved REading for School
1 day. 5 Hours. Live in person or Online.


MindFlow workshops provide the only speed reading training focused on students taking high-stakes tests or needing to meet the academic demands of a heavy reading load, in middle school, high school, college, and beyond. In less time than a typical school day, students master how to read exponentially faster without compromising comprehension.

*High school and college levels are as a one-day workshop, whereas our middle school program takes place over two days. We are monitoring the safety of participants and MindFlow lecturers during COVID-19 and are only offering MindFlow as an online option at this time, but we hope to offer it in person again, soon!

MindFlow: The Ultimate Reading Preparation. Comprehend at least twice as much, twice as fast.

MindFlow is the only training to improve time management and allay the negative effects of pressure on timed tests. Moving too slow on a test and a compromised mindset are the top two components beyond content that thwart test-taking success for so many students taking standardized exams. Plus, reading skills learned are game changers for students in school.

Speed Reading + Test Strategy + Positive Mindset = Test Success

MindFlow techniques provide solutions for students to read exponentially faster without compromising their comprehension.


Online Workshop Dates

Middle School Reading Level 

fOR middle School level coursework & tests: SSAT, SHSAT, HSPT ISEE, & COOP 


10 am – 12:30 pm PDT
2.5 hours each day with break


High School Reading Level

For High School level coursework and College Admissions tests:

SAT and AC


10 am – 3 pm PDT unless otherwise noted


College and Beyond Reading Level 

For College and Graduate Level Coursework & Admissions tests:
GMAT – GRE – LSAT – MCAT and more…


For the life-long learner


10 am – 3 pm PDT unless otherwise noted




Objectives & Outcome


Advanced Reading Skills

Read and comprehend standardized reading passages quickly as well as school level specific material. 


Confidence Building Methods

Feel confident in school and learn skills to enter a test calm and focused with holistic mindful techniques.


Increase reading speed up to 5x

Read up to 5x faster without sacrificing comprehension. Save time on homework and increase verbal scores on standardized tests. 


Increase comprehension

Boost reading comprehension and critical thinking performance. 


Standardized Test-Strategy Training

Implement effective test-taking strategies and answer specific test questions with clarity and ease. Useful for assignment reading school. 


Reduce test anxiety/general anxiety

Eliminate panic, embody calm, and build confidence.


Increase test scores an average of 13%

Hone abilities to read and answer questions effectively on standardized tests.


Eliminate Bad Reading Habits

Replace ineffective habits like subvocalization, regression and fixation with advanced reading skills.

On high-stakes standardized admissions tests, If you’re reading less than 300 words per minute, your performance, and thus score, is compromised. When you gain time to answer questions, you improve your score! All these skills are equally valuable for improved reading in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

On reading comprehension-type questions on many tests, 
80% of the answers come from 20% of what you read.


Spend time on answering questions, where you gain points, not mastering what you read.

Bara Sapir, CEO and Founder of City Test Prep (Test Prep New York and Test Prep San Francisco) and creator of MindFlow, teaches workshops In New York, the Bay Area, remotely, and in person. Sapir, who reads close to 1000 wpm, is an internationally recognized expert in high-performance coaching, personal empowerment, and transformative test preparation. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching test preparation, including 6 years at the Princeton Review. She is a pioneer in the test prep industry with her integration of mindful and holistic human potential techniques to the test preparation study regime. These techniques optimize the test-taking experience, improve scores, and result in academic and professional success by reducing anxiety and enhancing concentration, confidence, and ease.

Bara developed MindFlow: the Mindful Speed Reading Workshop New York City in 2005 as a solution for time and stress management, a missing ingredient in most test prep and study processes. MindFlow has middle school, high school, college, and adult/professional tracks. These are offered only online during SIP/COVID-19, and otherwise, in person monthly in the Bay Area, as private tutorials in person and online, and as an online course. For more information about Bara, visit here.

MindFlow draws from the most cutting-edge techniques in speed reading, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and holistic modalities. This fun, engaging and structured workshop trains you to read much faster, improve comprehension and get into a flow, QUICKLY. Once you achieve this flow state, you gain an optimized advantage to perform your best on high stakes tests especially since you reduce the pressure of cramped timing. MindFlow also teaches skills to help you get through reading assignments faster, so you can synthesize information, think critically and have time to do other things.


The course itself includes learning about our reading styles and bad habits, potent techniques to read faster, a lot of drills and practice, exercises to help stay calm and focused, and pre- and post- diagnostic tests to measure our improvement. All in a dynamic experiential 5 hours that fly by. This is a potent class in which students see their success and this catalyzes further study and academic engagement.




MindFlow is for everyone: students and adults! Anyone who complains that they are a slow reader or bad test taker. Someone who is perpetually overwhelmed by getting through course reading assignments, many emails, articles or a lot of material to read. MindFlow is ideal for an applicant to high school, college or graduate, business, medical, law, etc. school, who doesn’t finish their test in the time alloted, panics, or gets nervous before or during a test.

Most importantly, MindFlow is the only course designed for students: those in school who want to master reading and for test takers who want to improve their test scores, breeze through reading assignments, and complete homework faster.

MindFlow techniques improves time management on high stakes tests. When a student feels that time is condensed, it can affect performance, even if a student knows what they’re being tested on. In fact, bad timing and slow reading is a major thwart to success for many students taking standardized tests. 

In MindFlow, students gain valuable time to answer questions and think critically on high stakes tests such as the SSAT, SATACTLSATGMATGRE, and more. This extra time has a positive impact not only on reading sections itself, but the entire test. Its the single most effective way to quickly improve your score – – plus the skills are good for life!

MindFlow participants also learn mindful and holistic skills to feel their most confident and anxiety-free when taking admissions tests, helping them to earn top scores. MindFlow complements all other test preparation programs. MindFlow turns good scores into great scores.



In Person and Online Live Tailored 
Workshops & MindFlow Online Platform



 Online workshops take place in the comfort of your own home. For Middle School, we meet in 2 sessions, each 2.5 hours with breaks. Other workshops meet from 10 am – 3 pm PDT, unless noted otherwise.
In person workshops are not offered at this time. They will be offered again once we are through COVID-19, hopefully soon!




*In-person workshops include breaks.

Speed Reading
for Adults

The Ultimate Reading Upgrade

Originally designed for students in school and/or taking high stakes tests, MindFlow is now available for adults who want to read faster, comprehend more, have better retention, and less stress. If you want to read more online content, books, newspapers, magazines, or emails more quickly, MindFlow skills will increase your reading speed up to 5x and help save more than 2 hours a day of reading time.

We offer an Adult-specific MindFlow workshop three times a year. However, interested adults can also sign up for the “College and Beyond”-level reading workshop. Sign up below so we can put you on our growing list and contact you with upcoming workshop dates.

Customized Group
Workshops and Private Tutorials

Private workshops for INDIVIDUALS, Businesses, organizations, and Schools

We host personalized workshops for individuals, groups, schools and organizations.

If you have a group of 6+ people, or want a private tutorial in person, we can create a personalized workshop and come to your location. We also teach this remotely.

Learn MindFlow in your home, office, company or school.

For more information call 646-290-7440 or click to inquire more information.

NEW! MindFlow Speed Reading Online Platform


MindFlow Speed Reading is now available as a self-directed option for students who seek top scores on tests.

Up to12 hours of training, practice, speed assessments, and diagnostic tests. Includes a mindset channel with leading experts who help users get into a flow state, anxiety-free and confident.

Features test tracks (ISEE, SHSAT, SSAT, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT/EA, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, PTE and IELTS) and school level tracks (middle school, high school, college, business school, medical school, graduate school, law school and adult).

Tutor, business, school, club, and organizataion discounts with a dedicated dashboard, available.

Click below to learn more!


What Our Students Say

So much to read – so little time…until now. Taking Bara’s Mindflow class increased my reading speed by 50% with substantial comprehension. With so many emails to read and respond to for work, now I can read faster when I want to and it actually helps me get more done. Thank you, Bara!

Hana L

Oakland, CA

I always ran out of time on the SAT. I read slowly and didn’t have enough time to put as much thought into the questions as I wanted to, but by reading faster I can now get the passage out of the way and have more time to answer the questions.


SAT MindFlow student

Just have to tell you that I am totally geeking out. I’m having so much fun with the speed reading skills you taught me. Normally, I might read about one scholarly article a month and struggle through it. I read four tonight (and even skimmed a few others) and thoroughly enjoyed them! What is most surprising to me is that my comprehension and memory has INCREASED! I am able to read, absorb and remember much more information and am having more fun reading. Thank you!

Amanda B.

Alameda, CA

Students clearly benefit, but MindFlow is not just for them!

If you have a lot of reading to stay on top of–political and non-political reading–you will benefit from MindFlow, leaving more time for family, friends, fun… and making the world a better place.