CTP’s customized one-to-one tutoring, mindful test-taking, and anxiety relief protocols are considered among the best preparation available by top admissions consultants and other allied professionals in the field.

Plus: our clients are fans for life.

Below is just a small sample of testimonials from colleagues and clients who know first-hand the effectiveness of our services, publications, and products.

What they know you’ll soon find out: we consistently get you the results you want.

“I learned to mentally prepare before any challenging experience, not JUST the LSAT…and I learned that taking the exam is not about the LSAT…it’s about me. Thank you, CTP, I’m relieved I found you.”


New York University

“Bara Sapir has a revolutionary approach to “testing dementia.” If you suffer from test anxiety and it is affecting your performance, there is no better solution than CTP’s relaxation and confidence-building methodology.”

Hashim Bello

Founder, Bell Curves Educational Services

I was thrilled to learn of their services and have directed many satisfied clients their way. Their holistic approach has been a terrific resource for those who need it

Stacy Blackman

President/CEO, Stacy Blackman Consulting, Inc.

Test Prep New York/City Test Prep is revolutionary in the field of test prep. Only they are addressing the biggest hurdle for test-takers: anxiety. TPNY/CTP can help you reach your full potential on GMAT sentence correction. But more important, they can help you reach your full potential in life.”

Katie Malachuk, Harvard BA, Stanford MBA

Author, Earn It: A Stress-Free and Proven Approach to Getting Into Top MBA Programs

“While most companies abbreviate their prep strategy for a broader audience, Bara has maintained her focus on test prep for those who are looking for the very best.”

Conrad Egusa

Founder, 2minuteGMAT.com

“Bara Sapir and Test Prep are best at what they do–she truly understans the emotional process of what a student goes through and tailors the right progam for each specific student.”

Brad Grossman

Founder and CEO, ZEITGUIDE

That the folks at Test Prep New York could create yet another impressive study aid is a terrific achievement. I’m a huge fan of not only the content, but the approach.”

Michael Moshan

Rock the SAT

Bara Sapir’s/CTP’s progressive test preparation technique is good for test-takers who want an edge when taking the test, as well as test-takers who require extra assistance. The trepidatious test taker can expect to enter testing arenas with a greater confidence to achieve what may have alluded them in the past.”

Dr. Jason Smith

School and Clinical Psychologist

“Bara Sapir’s innovative, holistic approach to test prep teaches us that academic excellence can come easily and effortlessly when we choose to integrate self-care and calming messaging into our daily routine.”

Shira D. Epstein, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Davidson School of Jewish Education

“Dr. Karen van Hoek and Bara Sapir of Test Prep New York have written Test Prep New York Full Potential Sentence Correction to provide a unique, holistic approach to the sentence correction section of the GMAT. If you are seeking a book that teaches you the right mindset, the real skills, and the necessary test-taking techniques, this is the book for you.”

Linda Abraham

President, Accepted.com

“For 25 years I have been watching hundreds of good candidates flunk the GMAT, coming to the conclusion that their psychological mindset plays as important a role as their knowledge about the test. My reaction when I first saw this book was: Finally someone is tackling the real problem!”

Ricardo Betti

President, MBA Empresarial

“I was incredibly impressed by the fantastic program that Bara Sapir/CTP has put together. I was utterly amazed at the talent, precision, intelligence, and brilliance of TPNY’s Full Potential program and only wished for the opportunity to bring it into my former classroom. The perfect blend of all of Sapir’s education and the product’s professionalism make this an intriguing program that deserves a closer look from anyone wishing to improve test-taking results.”

Barbara A. Blinn, MA

CH Educational Consultant

“The Full Potential section in this book is a welcome guide for those who want to go beyond just stuying hard: it addresses all the psychological and emotional processes involved in test-taking. Students of Sapir’s holistic approach have enjoyed success in New York City for years. No others can learn about and incorporate the valuable techniques described in this clear and easy-to-read guide. The techniques are effective and time-tested. Sapir & van Hoek have produced a winning book for those whose scores are compromised by test anxiety, as well as those striving for peak performance.”

Tom Akiva, PhD

Professor, University of Pittsburgh

“No other test prep service comes close to TPNY’s success and client satisfaction. In over a decade of advising MBA applicants, my clients have—across the board—raved about TPNY’s services, philosophy and staff.”

Mark Meyerrose

President, Meyerrose Consulting

“I would like to express my utmost gratitude for introducing me to Bara and City Test Prep. She and her staffs’ tutoring methods are amazingly effective.

So far, I have just taken two GMAT official prepsand scored in the 80% range which the top schools in  Europe will accept.  I strongly recommend CTP to those who are struggling to improve GMAT score. I don’t blame other programs and tutors I worked with, but Bara & her staff’s approaches work much more effective for me.

One more thing –  I took The MindFlow clinic,  for improving reading speed. I originally thought that it will help GMAT reading (which is did) but I got another fruits – the course helped to improve my concentration level on my work.  Last Thursday, I arrived earlier to the office and read 200 pages of a book according to her instruction, and I realized that I could start the day’s work with more concentration than ordinary work days. This is not directly related with GMAT but it does directs my life in improved ways.”
Kentaro, GMATand MindFlow Student

Japan (non-native English speaker)

“I was beyond satisfied with City Test Prep. I took a Manhattan GMAT course before I found CTP and wish I just started with them from the beginning. The test prep resources CTP uses were much better than the GMAT materials I started with and her relaxation and anxiety techniques really work.
Bara and her staff are awesome and the best way to describe them is to say they are extremely dedicated and provide a huge source of encouragement and motivation. I live in New York and she was visiting some clients out in California the day before my exam and had a back-to-back schedule. She made it a point to make time to work with me before I took my test because she knew how important this was to me. She awoke up at 4am PST to call me, and coach me right before I went to the test center. I’ve never met anyone so dedicated and so genuinely invested in her clients. She taught me great relaxation tips that I still use today when I need to de-stress. Most important, I earned the score I was aiming for by improving 170 points. All with CTP!”


American Express

“As an educational consultant for the past 20+ years, I can say without hesitation that Forster-Thomas chooses CTP as its preferred partner in private test-prep tutoring for one reason: the revolutionary, out-of-the-box context from which Bara Sapir has designed her transformational test-prep methodology. Hers is the only company that focuses equally on skills-building, and what matters most; the who-you-are aspect of one’s ability to gain mastery over the necessary skills for full and total success in the game of standardized testing. Bara Sapir acknowledges that your psyche is as important, if not more important, than your ability to master the material or gimmicky test-taking techniques.

Evan Forster

Founder, Forester-Thomas

“Full Potential GMAT Sentence Correction Intensive is by far and away the most advanced study aid available for the sentence correction section of the GMAT. We highly recommend this guide to all test takers seeking the 700+ scores the top business schools like to see.”

David Petersam

President, AdmissionConsultants.com

“Besides authoring the most comprehensive GMAT sentence correction guide available, Bara Sapir, the firm’s founder and director, teaches her students to master content while improving their test-taking potential.”

Mary Pat Jacobs

Director, Apply Point Admissions Consulting

City Test Prep/TPNY approaches test prep in an innovative and integrative way, and goes above and beyond the traditional ideas of what constitutes success.”

Melissa Tiers, DCH

Founder/CEO, Center for Integrative Hypnosis

“Almost everyone at some time, or every time, has struggled when it comes to test taking. Fear no more… Celebrate… For you now have available the key to set you free. The Test Prep New York Full Potential Sentence Correction gives the most thorough blueprint available to ensure building confidence in yourself to achieve and succeed. Follow the brilliant instruction that has been laid out for you and step into a brighter future.”

Tom Nicoli, BCH, Cl


“Finally, through this book, TPNY’s special methods will benefit even more students dedicated to perform their best! We send many students to TPNY specifically because the success they achieve through their unique, comprehensive hybrid approach that no other company offers. These high-scoring results have helped open many doors and create opportunities.”

Louise Kreiner

President, New England Education Advisors

“I have always found Bara Sapir’s/TPNY’s creative, comprehensive and knowledge-driven approach to the GMAT admirable. I’m thrilled that she has come out with a book that I can suggest to my clients!”

Emily Wolper

Founder and President, E. Wolper, Inc. Admissions Consulting

“Test Prep New York’s Full Potential Sentence Correction is a complete and thorough resource covering all aspects of the GMAT’s sentence correction category. The book helps test-takers form a studying strategy aimed at scoring 700+ on the GMAT and then helps them drill down with hundreds of concrete, specific practice questions and a summary of key grammar rules. This manual will help test takers approach the GMAT with concrete skills, tools, and the confidence of knowing the right technique to tackle the test.”

Leila Pirnia

Founder, MBA Podcaster

“Content mastery is necessary, but not sufficient to get a top score on the GMAT. Our research suggests that as much as 1/3 of your score is determined by your ability to manage the test stress that everyone experiences. Test Prep NY is the only program I know of which combines solid content with a truly useful approach to the mental preparation required to excel on the test.”

Miro Kazakoff

Co-Founder, Testive and The MBA Show

“Full Potential GMAT Sentence correction offers a great combination that will benefit any aspiring MBA student. It’s an excellent technical guide coupled with innovative ideas and concepts to improve one’s mental preparation for test taking.”

Yael Redelman-Sidi

President, Admit1MBA

“Since my score was the only thing holding me back from school, the 100-point increase that I scored after only a few hours of tutoring and coaching with you, made the difference between being accepted and needing to chart a new course!”


George Washington University

“After only 4 hours of the Full Potential program I gained confidence, learned to channel my energy and mental state into a positive zone, eliminated anxiety, and was completely relaxed and prepared on test day. Most important, my score increased by 80 points.”


New York University

“After working with Test Prep New York and the Full Potential program. I was able to walk into the exam relaxed, focused, and confident!”

Andrew, TPNY Student

New York Stock Exchange, Emory

“We are to students what sports psychologists and trainers are to high performing athletes.”

 – Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder CTP