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Relax and Focus Audio and Speed Reading Assessment Tool



Tests don’t only measure what you know, they also measure how well you take tests.

Challenges in focus, self perception, lagging confidence, and anxiety, can impede performance and drag down your test score. But this is not all bad news. Improving your mindset is quick and easy and there are a number of tools to get you there quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be turning a good score into a great score, and nervous test-taker into a confident one. 

Listen and/or watch the Relax and Focus Audio for Study, Homework, Grounding, and Calming from the Full Potential Audio Series WHILE you’re doing homework, studying, or taking a diagnostic test. This track, and many in the over 5-hour series, features binaural beat technology, which are syncopated rhythms used to reach a desired mental state more quickly. Alpha beats are used for a sense of ease and Beta beats for alertness. Both types of beats are embedded in this audio material to bring you to a clam and alert state, and maximize the effectiveness of looking at the ocean, which also is associated as inspiring calm and peace, and even putting you into a mild meditative state.  

There are two ways to use, and benefit from this audio/visual:  Watch while not doing anything else or play it while you’re doing homework, studying or taking a diagnostic test. Observe how this track helps you gain an improved state for studying, learning, and performing.

If you enjoy and benefit from this track, you can upgrade your mindset with our 5+ hour Full Potential Audio Series for the test you’re taking (we have 10 titles!)  The program addresses retention and recall, confidence, focus and concentration, has a bonus test-day track, and more, to eliminate your anxiety and ensure you are your best test-taking self on test day!



    Test your Reading Speed

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    You can keep up with your reading acumen by testing yourself on these essays.

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