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Psychological blocks such as fear, procrastination and anxiety can prevent you from focusing, relaxing and maximizing your test-taking and academic performance. The only way to move beyond this is through conscientious, mindful and intentional protocols. Our FULL POTENTIAL AUDIO PROGRAM provides the tools and skill-set necessary to identify your weaknesses, enhance your performance and achieve your goal: earning the best test scores and grades possible!

The Full Potential Audio Program helps students with:

Mental Strategies:
Techniques such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation will aid in overcoming cognitive obstacles and enhance your performance.
Pressures of Competition:
Find the strength from within to manage pressure from parents, teachers and employers and gain the confidence to succeed.
Reframing Your Experience:
Recover from past feelings of inadequacy, shame or less than optimal performance. As Henry Ford profoundly said, “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right!”.
Study Regimes:
Routinely listening to the Full Potential Audio Program can help elevate motivation and increase brainpower.
Enjoy The Process:
When you enter the zone and manifest a goal it feels good. Allow the neurological and mindful benefits of feeling good ripple into your daily life. Once you build healthy self-esteem you can set and reach even bigger goals.
Benefit from cognitive restructuring and excel in the workplace, at home or anywhere!
Ready to Upgrade Your Mind and Elevate Your Scores?

There are NO sample questions to answer! There is NO grammar to memorize and NO practice tests to take! Rather, get psychologically in tune for optimal performance and results.

The monthly, online subscription FULL POTENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL AUDIO PROGRAM contains over 5 hours of mindset training and exercises including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Change your perspective with posture and breathing.
  • Guided Visualizations: Ignite your imagination to hone peak performance.
  • Sound Healing: Therapeutically designed soundtracks customized to bring your body and mind into deep states of relaxation and focus.
  • Binaural Beat Technology: Accelerates your state of calm through sound frequencies.
  • Hypnosis: Bypass your mind’s critical thinking faculties to establish more focused thinking and perception.
  • Mindful and Meditative Practices: Direct your mind to be calm and alert.

Each of the 33+ exercises, sound therapy tracks and binaural beats will guide and support you to enhanced retention, concentration and confidence when studying for and taking the high school test.

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