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Operation Varsity Blues & the High Price of Immorality

Holy college entrance admissions, Batman!! The DOJ, FBI, and SAT were the last trinity I expected to wake up to today on my usual morning news wrap up. What a strange confluence of entities to experience; my current morning ritual characters barging in on my professional world with “Operation Varsity Blues”! What a nightmare!!! It makes the definition for the price of admission an all together new thing!

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COVID-19 Update

We continue to offer remote tutoring and test preparation sessions while schools are closed. Our 'virtual babysitting' supports parents and their children with extra support, including SAT/ACT/SSAT/Regents/AP tutoring, middle and high school subject areas as well as support for college coursework. We can teach individually or in small groups. Speed reading workshops and test anxiety/stress management coaching are also available.